June 7, 2023

On the eve of the opening of the Guangzhou Auto Show, the concept cars of Chinese manufacturers burst into flames- Hong Kong unwire.hk

The Guangzhou Auto Show kicked off on Friday, but before the show opened to the public, there was a rather embarrassing surprise. The news website “Interface” reported a few days ago that the exhibition area of ​​the Chinese auto brand Alter suddenly caught fire. The entire exhibition area was filled with smoke and flames shot up into the sky, even affecting nearby exhibitors. Firefighters were called to the scene and put out the fire.

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According to reports, no casualties were caused by the fire. The cause of the accident is said to be an Alter concept car that suddenly caught fire. Some auto media took photos of the concept car before the fire, which seemed to be a concept design of a small-sized electric car, and some pointed out that the car was severely burned after the fire. Alter issued a statement after the media reports, saying that during the construction of the exhibition stand, the work area accidentally caught fire, and the cause was unknown. They will cooperate with the organizers of the Guangzhou Auto Show to form a committee to investigate the cause of the accident.

The website “Sina News” pointed out that after the firefighters extinguished the fire, water stains could be seen near Arter’s exhibition area, and the smell of burning remained nearby. A reporter took photos of the scene, but the photos were deleted under the supervision and request of the representatives of the organizer. Founded in 2007, Alter is mainly responsible for the research and development of automobiles, the research and development and manufacturing of core components, and the research and development of new energy vehicles. Its main customers include Geely, Toyota, Honda, Xiaopeng and Weilai.

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