March 29, 2023
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NVIDIA RTX 4090 is accused of melting the power plug official response: investigation is underway

NVIDIA’s latest graphics card, RTX 4090, has suffered a number of failures in which the power plug was blown, causing the graphics card to emit smoke. The official response said that the relevant users are being contacted and an investigation is underway.

The power supply interface of NVIDIA’s new graphics card RTX 4090 was questioned earlier because of its improper design. The adapter cable of the new 16-pin power supply port was seriously hot after being twisted and there was a risk of fire. But NVIDIA’s technical manager, Brandon Bell, retorted at the time, worrying that the patch cord would catch fire due to the twisting heat was unfounded.

2022 10 26 19.16.09▲Some Reddit users said that their RTX 4090 was faulty and found that the power plug was damaged during inspection


Graphics card manufacturers recommend using a 3x8Pin or 4x8Pin to 16Pin adapter cable to avoid large vertical and horizontal bending. The bend should be kept at least 35mm away from the interface.

In addition to the risk of fire caused by bending the adapter cable, the PCI-SIG organization said that the 16-pin power interface has been plugged and unplugged more than 30 times, and the interface will also have the risk of melting. Dear users of RTX 4090, please pay more attention to prevent accidents.


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