December 4, 2022
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Nvidia and VMware push enterprise-grade AI integration software to simplify IT architecture setup

Looking at the development of software and hardware technology of commercial and enterprise-level GPUs, Nvidia can be regarded as the IT manufacturer with the longest investment time, the most ideal level of continuous operation, and the most extensive and in-depth application level. It has expanded from the field of professional graphics processing all the way to GPU virtualization. With the support of computerization, data science and AI software, the environment where GPUs can be used has also extended from workstations in offices and servers in data centers to cloud services and edge computing devices. Based on such a long-term layout and the need to build an ecosystem of enterprise-level AI software and hardware manufacturers, Nvidia has continued to promote related integration solutions in recent years. The DGX system is a typical example. From the integration of AI application servers, workstations have been gradually derived DGX Station, FCL kit DGX POD and DGX SuperPOD.

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