March 27, 2023
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NowTV / Now E 64 Qatar World Cup live broadcasts in full 4K add AR elements to watch live data

Whether you are a loyal fan or not, I believe you should know the football event once every four years: the World Cup will officially kick off in the middle of the night on November 20th. This year’s World Cup Final Week has two characteristics: the first one will be held in November, and the first World Cup Final Week will be held in the Middle East. In order to make a grand event, NowTV, which has announced that it has obtained the official broadcast rights, will officially hold a grand event today. At the press conference, Poki, a member of ERROR, and Xu Xian, a real KOL, were invited as World Cup ambassadors, kicking off a series of World Cup programs.

64 games continued in full 4K

The World Cup final week held in Qatar this time, except for the two “first sessions” mentioned above, is still the World Cup final week in which all 64 matches are broadcast live on NowTV in 4K UHD, just like the previous one. So that fans can use ultra-high-definition quality to enjoy all the 32 national teams that have entered the final week and compete for the highest honors at the national level in football, and the opener: Qatar vs. Ecuador, will be on November 21st at 0:00: 00 is officially staged.


▲Now TV / Now E held a grand press conference today, announcing that a series of programs related to the 2022 Qatar World Cup Finals Week officially kicked off.


▲Mr. Cai Weijian, Managing Director of HKT Home, said that this year’s Qatar World Cup final week will be the same as the previous one, and all 64 matches will be broadcast live in 4K UHD quality.


▲In order to make the event grand, Now TV even recruited KOL Xu Xian (right) and Wu Baoqi (Poki, left), one of the members of ERROR, as the ambassadors of this World Cup, and specially printed exclusive jerseys for them.

DSC03380 DSC03409 DSC03406

▲The conference also invited Xu Xian and Poki to show off the skills of “Dibo” on the spot.


▲Xu Xian also said in the press conference that his favorite team is Germany, but he is not too sure that they can win the World Cup this year.

Added AR elements to facilitate viewing of live data

In addition, in this year’s Qatar World Cup final week, Now TV has also added AR elements that have become very popular in recent years, and launched the first AR application “Now AR – FIFA World Cup” specially designed for the World Cup in Hong Kong. After running the program and selecting the relevant game, point the camera of the mobile phone at any plane (for example: table), a three-dimensional mini version of the stadium will appear on the screen of the mobile phone, and various real-time data in the game, including but not limited to: The team’s formation, strategy adjustment, various game data and performance of individual players, etc., can be seen in the program, which is very suitable for fanatic fans to better understand the performance of their favorite players in the game. Users can also display the avatars of their favorite players on the screen, so that everyone can “take a photo” with them, which is very enjoyable. It is worth noting that Now TV and Now E users who hold a FIFA World Cup 2022 Pass are required to use this “Now AR – FIFA World Cup” program, and the “csl 5G Lens” program provides a link for the convenience of csl users Download and open the AR app to enjoy a range of AR features.

DSC03355 1

▲Now TV will also present an exclusive AR program “Now AR – FIFA World Cup” to fanatic fans during the final week of the Qatar World Cup.


▲In the program, in addition to enjoying live games, you can also browse the live data of various players, as well as the team’s tactical mobilization.


▲Users can even “invite” their favorite stars to “come to” their homes, and take pictures with them through the program, which is very enjoyable.

2022 Qatar World Cup Final Week Facts

  • 2 “firsts”: the first World Cup final week in the Middle East, the first World Cup final week in November, and a continuation of the previous year’s features, all 64 events are broadcast live in 4K Ultra HD
  • The opening ceremony of the World Cup Finals Week will be broadcast on the evening of November 20, and the opening match will be held at 0:00 on November 21: host country Qatar vs South American representative Ecuador
  • Brief introduction to the competition:
    • Group Stage: Early morning of November 21st to late night of December 3rd
    • Top 16: December 3rd to the early morning of December 7th
    • Top 8: December 9th to early morning of December 11th
    • Semi-finals: Early morning on December 14th and 15th
    • Third Runner-up: December 17th
    • Finals: December 18
  • (Possibly) Key stars in the last World Cup final week: Metz (Argentina), C Ronaldo (Portugal), Nima (Brazil), Binsma (France), Modi (Croatia), Liyundu Wski (Poland), Suarez (Uruguay), Kawani (Uruguay)


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