March 25, 2023
Nothing Ear 1 宣布涨价,10 月 26 日起售价涨到 149 美元

Nothing Ear (1) announced a price increase, starting October 26th to $149

Global inflation, even technology products are not immune, if you want to buy Nothing Ear (1) at the original price, remember to be early!

Nothing CEO Pei Yu announced on Twitter that the US dollar price of Nothing Ear (1) will be raised from $99 to $149 due to “increasing costs.”

In addition, Pei Yu also reviewed the development of Nothing so far. He said that in the past year, Nothing’s engineering team has increased from the original 3 to 185 people, and the sales of Nearly 600,000 pairs of Nothing Ear (1) also paved the way for the birth of the company’s first mobile phone.

On the other hand, Pei Yu has not mentioned any plans to increase the price of Nothing Phone (1). But considering the current environment, if this phone becomes more expensive one day, everyone should be mentally prepared.

At present, Nothing Ear (1) only announces the news of the price increase in the United States. Whether other countries and regions will follow up still needs to be officially announced. For more technical information, please continue to hold the Urban Tech Story version!

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