March 25, 2023
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North American Tesla will be able to enable more advanced assisted driving features Full Self-Driving Beta

Elon Musk announced that all Teslas in North America will be able to purchase and activate the Full Self-Driving Beta function. As long as the user purchases the Full Self-Driving service in the Tesla App, the application will be automatically installed on the Tesla vehicle, and the user can enable this function as long as the operation is performed on the vehicle screen. Elon Musk said that this is Tesla’s artificial intelligence team. major milestone. Teslas produced after September 2014 can operate the Autopilot function. Although the English literal meaning of Autopilot is automatic driving, the Autopilot function currently provided by Tesla is only a driver assistance system, which means that Autopilot is only used to reduce The driver’s overall workload, driving still requires hands on the steering wheel and being ready to take over the vehicle at any time.

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