June 6, 2023

NordVPN launches Christmas promotions for network security during holidays- Hong Kong unwire.hk

Come the end of the Christmas season, I believe that many friends have already entered the holiday mood, looking forward to meeting with relatives and friends. In addition to meeting in person, relatives and friends overseas can also meet again through video calls. However, no matter which way you meet, you must not relax your network security, so that hackers can take advantage of it.

Reunion without forgetting to ensure network security

Online parties have become a popular way to meet during the epidemic, but when people relax, it is also the time when hackers are gearing up to find their prey. Some hackers will steal the content of the call by intercepting the data in the middle, endangering privacy at any time or causing personal data to be stolen. In fact, just like meeting in person, if there is no adequate network security precautions, it is no different from gathering in a public place, and there may be someone eavesdropping next to you, so you will naturally not be able to speak freely.

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Even if it is a gathering where we actually meet, the popular streaming movie and drama platforms are already indispensable in the gathering. Even playing a mobile phone requires a connection. Of course, this aspect also involves network security.In fact, to ensure network security does not require any complicated computer settings, as long as you pay attention to the way you use the network in daily life, you can avoid being attacked. If you use network security tools, such as NordVPN Waiting for the VPN service, it can further ensure security, and there is no need to worry about celebrating the festival.

The Easy Way to Protect Against Cyber ​​Threats

To put it simply, cyber attacks against individuals generally take the form of “phishing by volunteers”. For example, when people share important information without awareness of precautions, such as links to online gatherings and related passwords, it is tantamount to giving hackers a chance. take. Also remember to use a platform with end-to-end encryption for video conferences, and lock them with a passcode to ensure no one eavesdrops in the middle.

In addition, phishing text messages and emails are also more frequent attack methods during the festival, such as fake video conference links, etc. After accidentally clicking and filling in the login information, the account will be easily stolen. In the face of any suspicious messages and emails, you should use another channel to confirm with the other party again, and pay attention to whether there is any abnormality in the link, and you should not take it lightly.

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If you want to further ensure that network security is not threatened, the VPN service is actually a practical tool. In addition to fully encrypting network traffic to avoid telecommunication providers or middlemen from getting in the way, websites or online service platforms cannot use real IP to Track user activity to reduce privacy concerns. And when the network traffic is limited, VPN even has the effect of increasing the speed, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. There are already many VPN services on the market to choose from. NordVPN is a popular provider. It performs well in all aspects, and its network speed is generally well received, which means that it will not affect the original network usage when using it. There is a huge difference in speed.

NordVPN Christmas Deals Starting Price


As VPN technology becomes more and more mature and popular, using this tool is no longer a patent for enterprises or IT professionals. Even ordinary users can easily use VPN to obtain protection. NordVPN recently launched a Christmas promotion. If you choose a 2-year service plan, you can enjoy a 68% discount, and get another 3 months for free, except that it only costs US$2.99 ​​(about HK$24) per month.

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NordVPN provides dedicated apps for different devices. You can install and enable VPN without complicated settings, even if you are a computer novice. Each account can protect 6 devices at the same time, no matter mobile phones, computers or tablets, even game consoles and smart TVs can be easily used. In addition, it has a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, which can also be used as a trial.

Interested friends can go to the official website to view the details of the discount: (click here)

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