March 30, 2023
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NIO explains that the safety radiation of the power exchange station is only about 10% of the average mobile phone – Hong Kong

Earlier we reported that Chinese electric vehicle brand Nio entered the European market and set up its first power exchange station in Germany. In fact, NIO has set up 1,185 power exchange stations around the world, and the Chinese market is the largest in the world. The swap station not only brings convenience to NIO electric vehicle owners, but also the general public is worried about whether the swap station is safe.

In order to make ordinary citizens feel more at ease, Weilai officials have explained some doubts in the market a few days ago. First of all, the shell of the NIO finger swap station is made of aluminum alloy plate material with stronger penetration resistance and barrier ability, which can absorb and block more than 98% of electromagnetic radiation. When the power exchange station is charging the battery at full load, the electromagnetic radiation power conducted to the outside will not be -25dBm one by one, which is equivalent to one tenth of the radiation emitted by a mobile phone.

As for battery safety, Weilai indicates that every battery that enters the swap station will undergo dozens of tests to ensure its health. All battery detection data will be synchronized to NIO’s cloud server, and the battery dynamics will be tracked in real time to ensure that the battery is in the best condition. Weilai also created the Bayobolt bolt set to lock the battery pack to the vehicle chassis, which can support more than 3,000 battery swaps and cover the life cycle of 600,000 kilometers of electric vehicles.

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