May 28, 2023

Nintendo’s first Direct in 2023 is here, see you in May for the Zelda sequel!

For gamers, there is good news and bad news in 2023. The good news is that the world’s largest and most well-known E3 game exhibition will resume in June. Neither will Nintendo. Not participating in the exhibition does not mean that there are no works. Nintendo will use the first Direct in 2023 to respond to players’ expectations.

Open up the sky!New vehicles, new enemies, the Kingdom of Tears is here

“Elden Ring” won the most anticipated game of the year for two consecutive years. After winning the best game of the year last year, the title of “Most Anticipated Game” was passed on to “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” which has been running for two years up. There is no need to repeat how much shock and emotion the previous work “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” has brought so far. In short, if you are a Switch player, this is a must-have masterpiece.

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” released the latest promotional video. Although it is not long, it is full of highlights. Pokbrin seems to be alienated by the influence of the red moon, and his attack power has increased. There seems to be a picture of Pokbrin building a camp. Perhaps his intelligence has also increased due to the red moon. Another evidence of intelligence improvement is that monsters will cooperate with each other to attack, and the newly added dragon monster will fly with Pokbring. There are also pictures of Golem and Pokbrin cooperating in the previous film.

It’s not just the monsters that have been upgraded, the protagonist Link has also become stronger. In terms of new equipment, Link has a “bow that can turn” and a charged hammer. Vehicles can not only advance along a fixed route trajectory, Link also has cars and “planes”! Combined with the previous revelations, the gameplay of “Legend of Zelda” that opened up the sky will not disappoint. The pre-order will be open today, and it will be released on May 12. It seems that everyone needs a reason to ask for leave.

Before the face-to-face meeting, there are two other messages related to “Tears of the Kingdom” worth noting. French retailer Micromania’s advertisement leaked one of the main plots of “Tears of the Kingdom”: Link is looking for “Tears of the Kingdom”, with fine graphics, smooth gameplay and challenging puzzles. Link wants to collect the “Tears of the Kingdom” that bring peace to Hyrule, defeat enemies with various weapons, solve puzzles, and explore the vast world.

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However, the plot of Zelda is usually not the focus, and another news deserves more attention from players: the price of new works has increased. The US server store shows that “Tears of the Kingdom” is priced at US$69.99, becoming the first Nintendo game to reach the US$70 level. Prices in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, etc. have also increased, and the face-to-face meeting also confirmed this. If you don’t want to buy the game at the original price, 10,000 yen can be exchanged for 2 games’ “lose coupons” is a good choice. The “Tears of Kingdoms” collector’s edition and amiibo have also been released.

Pikmin’s new work, membership update, not only Zelda this year

In addition to the well-received “Tears of the Kingdom”, there are a lot of Renjia game news announced, let’s let go of the excitement and see what else is good in the first half of the year.

“Pikmin 4” will be released on July 21. It is a creative game designed and developed by “Father of Mario” Shigeru Miyamoto. The entire game is surrounded by “creativity”, from game design, system, gameplay to enemy attack methods, level terrain , all reflect Nintendo’s game philosophy, and only by playing it in person can you appreciate the creativity of the game. Pikmin is a cute creature. It is only 1 inch tall, but it can carry objects dozens of times heavier than itself. Different colors of Pikmin have different characteristics. How to use Pikmin reasonably will test the player’s imagination.

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TGA’s 2022 best multiplayer game “Splash 3” has released a new DLC. The two bombs are priced at 3,000 yen. The first bomb will be released in the spring. Although “Spratton 3” is a third-person shooter game, you don’t have to fight to the death. You only need to paint the ground with colorful paint to win. The rhythm of each game is fast and exciting in 3 minutes. If your home network is fine, This is the best online game for Switch.


The digital version of Metroid Prime Remastered will be available today, the physical version will be available on the 22nd, and the Japanese version will be available on March 3rd. This is the first 3D in the series, turning the 2D horizontal game into the first person, and established the status of the first-person shooter game with the Xbox platform “The Last Battle” series at that time, but compared with the remake of the old work, there should be more players Looking forward to Metroid Prime 4.

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The new mode of “Kirby Star Wii Deluxe Edition” “Magic Loya Postscript” is released. Players can operate Magic Loya Adventure, which supports up to 4 people to play on the same screen. It will be released on the 24th. You can download the free trial version from now on, and support Chinese.

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3” announced new heroes, additional missions, challenge missions, and styling equipment. The third episode of the latest plot DLC will be released on the 16th.

The second DLC of “Holy Fire and Demon Record Engage” will be released today.

“Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition” will launch the fourth version of the new track pass in spring, and the date is undecided. It seems that within the Switch life cycle, it should not wait for “Mario Kart 9”.

Nintendo NSO member games have also been updated, GameBoy / GameBoy Advance games have been added, classic games such as “Tetris”, “The Legend of Zelda: Weaving Dream Island DX”, “The Incredible Hat of the Legend of Zelda”, “Kirby of the Stars” and so on are all available. Playable on Switch. GameBoy games can be downloaded by ordinary members, and GameBoy Advance is limited to premium members.

February 27th is Pokémon Day, and Pokémon-related news should be announced. Maybe the “Pokémon Zhu/Purple” DLC will appear?

40 points face-to-face with 25 points left

The Nintendo Direct has never been the only carnival for Nintendo itself, and third-party manufacturers will also announce new plans. Perhaps third-party games also have readers’ favorites. Let’s look at the DLC news first. The “Dead Cells” and “Castlevania” linkage DLC will be launched today, and you can play it immediately.

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“Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective” created by the biological father of the “Ace Attorney” series “Qiaozhou” will be released this summer. It supports Chinese and has a feeling of renaissance (the fried rice has to be Capcom).

The promotional video of “Disney Fantasy Island” has a “cuphead” feel. You can control popular characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to unlock abilities and discover hidden secrets. The game, featuring fully voiced cutscenes and a well-choreographed original score, will be available July 28.

“The Labyrinth of the World Tree I・II・III HD REMASTER” will be released on June 1. Players who are adventurers will experience three adventures after rebirth and draw their own adventure map.

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“GBA Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp” will be released on April 21, and pre-orders will be open today. Originally a 2001 military-themed GBA strategy game, you need to build military units and compete with artificial intelligence or other players for control of the map. The remastered version supports up to 4-player online and co-op.

The new work of LEVEL5 “Fantasy Life” will be released within this year, and the new work of “Professor Layton” will be released, and the release date is undecided; the monolith’s NGC era work “Altitude Takumi I & II HD Remaster” will release a high-definition remake in summer; the action-adventure game “DECA POLICE” Available within the year. The new work “Samba de Amigo Happy Shake Party” is back. You can listen to the most popular hit songs and experience unique audio game play. It will be released in summer.

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Switch, Nintendo’s ideal game console

Unfortunately, this face-to-face meeting did not announce the “Swtich Pro” that has been rumored for many years. If you haven’t bought the Switch yet, buy it quickly when you see a good enough price. Nintendo’s next-generation console will have to wait for a while. Switch is Nintendo’s most Ideal host.

Switch is also selling really well. In the just-announced financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022~2023, Switch has sold 122.55 million units worldwide, surpassing the classic Game Boy and becoming the third best-selling game console in history. Two steps away.

Switch performance is also really bad. In 2015, chips, 720P screens, low battery life, and easy-to-break Joy-Con, even years of “Nintendo” can’t beat Nintendo’s hardware.

Sales performance that seems to be inconsistent with market rules, as long as you understand Nintendo, you will find the answer. Former President Satoshi Iwata talked about Nintendo’s ideal: It is Nintendo’s ideal to say (let players) play games every day, but to integrate game consoles into the daily life of the public.

Mobile phone manufacturers can expand their product lines according to different needs, but game consoles are not products that are replaced every two years. Nintendo must design consoles with the goal of “attractive from any angle”, and try their best to integrate game consoles into daily life and make more Multiple people come to play the game. For Nintendo, each game has to try to meet the needs of different ethnic groups, “whether adults, children or friends.”

“For game consoles, it is more important to consider the player’s usage scenario than the stand-alone performance.” Iwata said so, and Nintendo did the same. Switch is a host built from the beginning of “playing”. Any game that is “easy to play but difficult to master” can be enjoyed by all kinds of players. The success of Switch may be accidental, but with Nintendo that can inspire various game modes, it will definitely succeed. When Iwata was interviewed, he said:

We not only hope that the work has a grand concept, but also look forward to hearing the eagerness of players such as “the game launched this time is amazing!”. We still make new works with this concept in mind.

Today, many years later, you can still hear any gamers eager to try it out, and seeing Nintendo launching games suitable for all ages, Satoru Iwata’s philosophy of thinking can still guide the courage and direction of the game industry.

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