March 27, 2023
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Nintendo deals with Taobao Splatoon 3 plug-in, a large number of illegal accounts are blocked

Nintendo’s Splatoon 3 game is very popular, and many people buy the game for online battles. Many people turn to archive modifiers or plug-ins because they want to win because of their poor level. You can easily buy these plug-ins and archive modification services on Taobao, and plug-ins are naturally prevalent in online battles.Nintendo recentlyblockade Plug-in players of Splatoon 3 online battles, and players who have used modifiers on a single machine cannot connect to the game.

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Nintendo sells games to keep games fairblockadeA large number of plug-in players.firstblockadeFor the players who played cats in the network. Now, going one step further, all players who have used modifiers in stand-alone mode are restricted from using the networking feature.

Many players are beingblockadeAfter the account, they all went to Taobao’s store that provides modification and archive services to comment. Modifying archives is not safe and illegal. Players are urged not to take chances and do not purchase services that modify archives.


Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter game from Nintendo, released on September 9, 2022. Players can choose the role of squid or octopus, and freely transform into human form, wear clothes with skill-added fragments, and use various inkjet weapons to conduct four-on-four battles, and the venue alternates every two hours. The main game modes are: general competition, savage competition and three-way treasure hunt.


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