March 28, 2023
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Next-generation flagship iPad Pro officially launched, upgraded to M2 processor, and improved performance

After Apple put the processor used in the MacBook series into the iPad Pro, its performance can be said to be quite overworked, and the new generation of iPad Pro just announced has been upgraded to the latest M2 processor and added some new features as a small annual upgrade. .

This time, the iPad Pro is mainly switched to the faster M2 processor, which is said to bring a 15% increase in CPU performance and a 35% increase in GPU performance compared to the previous generation. In addition, because the new processor has a new media processing engine, it also allows iPad Pro to shoot ProRes video directly, and its video transcoding is also 3 times faster. In addition, the new generation of iPad Pro also supports the latest HDR 4, and adds WiFi 6E support (which is the first time for Apple products) to connect.

In terms of Apple Pencil support, it continues to support the second-generation Apple Pencil, and adds the suspension sensing function. The maximum suspension distance is 12 mm. Users can see the pen drop point in the suspended state without touching the screen. It can be more accurate. In addition, for example, in the “scribble writing” function, as long as the Apple Pencil is brought close to the screen, the text field will be automatically enlarged, and the handwriting can be converted into text more quickly.

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Aside from the performance improvements mentioned above and the new features of the Apple Pencil, the basic design, screen, and camera specs haven’t changed from the previous generation, so it’s hard to tell any difference at first glance. In terms of colors, silver and space gray continue to be provided. The new generation of iPad Pro is available for pre-order at the Apple Store from now on, and it will be officially released on October 26.

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The price is slightly more expensive than the previous generation by about HK$100. The Wi-Fi model of the 11-inch iPad Pro starts from HK$6,499, and the Wi-Fi + mobile network model starts from HK$7,699; the Wi-Fi model of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts from HK$6,499. From HK$8,899, Wi-Fi + mobile network model from HK$10,099.

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