March 27, 2023

News: 200,000 Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou fled iPhone production or fell by 30% – Hong Kong

Recently, the world’s largest Apple iPhone foundry, Foxconn’s foundry in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, reported that workers fled the park on foot to discuss the industrial park in order to avoid the epidemic and related silence policies. Reuters said that due to the outbreak, iPhone shipments in November may be reduced by 30%.

The Foxconn foundry in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is the world’s largest foundry for Apple’s iPhone, employing nearly 200,000 people. Previously, it was reported that employees were infected with new coronary pneumonia on a large scale, with more than 20,000 infected people, and the factory area was subject to very strict closure and control measures.

Foxconn issued a statement refuting the above-mentioned news, saying that “20,000 employees have been diagnosed” is “seriously false information”, and the operation of the Zhengzhou park is relatively stable.

But a number of accounts have appeared on Douyin recently, and uploaded videos confirming that a large number of workers carried luggage and left the Foxconn campus on foot. Foxconn did not respond further to the film.

According to Reuters, the impact of the epidemic has caused production at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory to be blocked, and iPhone production capacity may drop by 30%. Foxconn intends to increase iPhone production at the Shenzhen factory and use back-up capacity to make up for the actual capacity.

Online sources said that after these workers left Foxconn, they were unable to take public transportation due to the restriction of the mainland health code, and planned to walk back to their hometowns. In response to workers returning home on foot, the Henan government issued an “open letter to Foxconn workers”. Yuzhou City, Changge City, Qinyang City, Weidu District of Xuchang City, and Xihua County all stated that returnees need to report in advance to implement “point-to-point” services and corresponding isolation measures.


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