March 28, 2023
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New Apple record! The iPhone 14 Plus can’t be sold, and suppliers have been asked to cut production by 70-90%: not necessarily next year – TechNave

As fewer and fewer consumers prefer small-screen flagships, sales of iPhone mini models have not been ideal.In response, Apple changed its new strategy for this year’s iPhone 14 series, canceling the mini model and replacing it with6.7-inch large screen iPhone 14 Plus

However, this model seems to be as unpopular as the mini. After the sales of the iPhone 14, the later iPhone 14 Plus failed to support the sales of the standard version of the iPhone. There is also news that Apple has called for a suspension of production of the iPhone 14 Plus due to feedback from suppliers that the sales of the iPhone 14 Plus did not meet expectations.

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At present, Apple has told at least one Chinese manufacturer to immediately stop the production of iPhone 14 Plus components, and Apple’s procurement team is re-evaluating the demand for this product. The source said that two Chinese module component manufacturers in the downstream supply chain have also cut their respective cuts.70% and 90% yieldwhich may be the largest phone production cut in Apple’s history.

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The two suppliers are the only ones making specific modules for the iPhone, he added. It can be seen that the production of iPhone 14 Plus has been reduced by a certain amount.

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