March 29, 2023
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Netflix is ​​about to launch a new Supermouse animation with a new story set in the multiverse – Hong Kong

Although the supersonic mouse is not the most popular game character, it is also a classic. Following the success of the previous live-action film, the popularity has been resurrected. Recently, Netflix announced that the new animation will premiere in mid-December, together with the new game in November, Ultrasonic fans are sure to be quite happy.

Netflix announced earlier that Sonic Prime, a new animated series starring Sonic Mouse, will premiere on the platform on December 15. The first season will have 24 episodes. According to the plot introduction, the setting of Super Sonic will follow the world view of SEGA’s classic game series, but Super Sonic and other classic characters will fall into the multiverse and face new adventures.

The plot revealed that the characters will have a “new design”, so after the multiverse concept is probably integrated, there will be new upgrades or transformations. The Super Sonic series has had a lot of new moves in recent years. In addition to this new animation, there will also be an open world game “Sonic Frontiers” in early November and two live-action movies that are expected to be drawn next year and the year after.

Source: Twitter

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