June 9, 2023
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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology professor reveals new risks of open source 5G, beware of hackers building malicious base stations to send fake text messages

As 5G becomes more and more popular, the information security risks of 5G networks cannot be ignored. Zheng Xinming, a professor of the Department of Information and Engineering at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, is also the deputy director of the Information Security Department of the Ministry of Digital Development. He led the 5G research team to use open source software to establish In the 5G network environment, he pointed out that open source software allows anyone to implement 5G networks, but hackers can also use open source software to build malicious base stations, fake legitimate base stations to obtain device information of user mobile phones, locate and track users or Send malicious text messages, or upload malicious programs to O-RAN near-end components, occupying network resources to paralyze the network. Zheng Xinming pointed out that in the past, telecommunications network equipment was operated on specialized hardware or chips to improve network speed and service quality. Come, and open source, anyone can download these open source software, as long as it is matched with suitable radio hardware, a 5G base station can be realized.

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