June 4, 2023
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NASA joins forces with IBM to create a large-scale AI-based model to advance Earth science research

NASA and IBM cooperate to use unlabeled data sets to train artificial intelligence basic models and use the basic models for various earth science tasks. NASA stated that the goal of this project is to provide researchers with simpler methods. Analyze and understand the mysteries of Earth’s climate from academic papers or NASA data sets. Earth’s climate change has many impacts on humans and ecosystems. For example, many regions have become hotter and drier in recent years, which has fueled wildfires. Scientists want to know how the smoke produced by wildfires will affect air quality. And will the hot and dry weather affect the yields of corn and wheat? To study these questions in the past, scientists not only need to read a lot of papers, but also need to check a lot of satellite images back and forth to find answers.

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