June 2, 2023
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Musk welcomes the integration of iPhone and Starlink

After Apple last week announced the first iPhone capable of supporting satellite emergency services,Musk’s weekend expressionWelcome to the iPhone’s integration of the satellite-connected service Starlink.

Musk said the company had had a promising conversation with Apple about the Starlink connectivity service, and praised the iPhone team for being smart. He said that adjusting the software and hardware of mobile phones for space signals will be more effective in connecting space and mobile phones than simply relying on Starlink to simulate telecom base stations.

Satellite-connected phones are the latest focus of Musk’s SpaceX.SpaceX and T-Mobile announced a partnership earlier this monthIn blind spots that cannot be covered by telecom networks, consumers can directly connect 5G mobile phones to low-orbit satellites to provide Starlink network services. It is expected to be tested before the end of 2023.

Under the partnership between Space X and T-Mobile, Starlink’s satellites act as base stations for telecommunications networks. Although users can be exempted from installing ground base stations, SpaceX must also develop larger and heavier second-generation satellites for this purpose, as well as new rockets to carry second-generation satellites.

Musk isApple just announced the latest iPhone 14 seriesissued this invitation. Although the iPhone 14 only supports connecting to satellite to dial out SOS distress messages in an emergency,But the media believewhich may indicate that Apple will also support satellite calling or messaging services in the future.

It is unclear why Musk is referring to the conversation with Apple. but,Musk has revealedDuring the development of Tesla electric cars in the early years, he approached Cook to discuss the acquisition of Apple, but was rejected by Apple.

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