May 28, 2023
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Musk: Bill Gates can come to test drive the Tesla Semi pure electric heavy truck | TechNews Technology New Report

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The electric heavy-duty truck that Bill Gates thought was “never possible” will be delivered next week. After completing the long-distance test drive yesterday, Musk said that Gates is very welcome to take a look at this pure electric truck.

Tesla Semi, a pure electric heavy-duty truck, completed a road test of 804 kilometers with a full load of 37 metric tons yesterday. Not only is CEO Elon Musk full of confidence, but Pepsi, which is about to lead a new car, should also breathe a sigh of relief.

Tesla will start delivering the first batch of Tesla Semi on December 1. PepsiCo, the first customer who has been waiting for four years, has become the first company in the world to use Tesla Semi for delivery. At this moment, Musk has not forgotten that he once sent He threw stones at the super-rich Bill Gates.

In 2020, Bill Gates wrote that if an electric vehicle wants to run farther, it needs more batteries. More batteries mean more load and more energy. Therefore, in the field of large trucks, pure battery power is almost impossible. possible options.

“Electric vehicles can only be used for short-distance mobility,” Bill Gates believes. Long-distance large vehicles require different solutions, such as hydrogen energy, energy fuel or biofuel technology.

However, after 2 years, Tesla finally wants to mass-produce this “impossible” product, a large truck that can be fully loaded with nearly 40 tons of cargo, and has a mileage of 800 kilometers per trip, and also has a powerful automatic assisted driving function. , can reduce the risk of long-distance driving fatigue.

According to this road test, the energy consumption of the Tesla Semi is 1.24 kilowatt-hours per kilometer, which translates to almost 1,000 kilowatt-hours of battery for 804 kilometers. With the current production capacity, it is estimated that Tesla can only produce 100 Tesla Semis in 2022, and their goal is to reach an annual production scale of 50,000 vehicles in 2024.

Whenever Musk achieves an achievement, he will never forget the people who questioned him. When a netizen mentioned Bill Gates’ remarks, Musk immediately replied: “If he wants, he is welcome to drive and see this car himself.”

Musk traveled to Russia 10 years ago to seek support from rocket experts for his reusable rocket, only to be ridiculed as a giant bedspring and SpaceX’s approach as an impractical toy. When the SpaceX rocket was not only successfully recovered, but also completed its first manned mission, Musk immediately posted: “It seems that the spring bed is useful.”

Faced with many doubts along the way, Musk can almost successfully slap each other in the face. Now he is caught in the mess of Twitter. I wonder if Musk can reproduce the miracle?

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