March 29, 2023
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Movie plot or come true? Google and Oxford scholars believe that AI may betray and destroy human beings in the future, and even constitute war – TechNave

With the advancement of technology, more and more careers have begun to be replaced by AI. According to a research paper written by DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company owned by Google, which cooperated with Oxford University to study artificial intelligence issues earlier, they believe that super artificial intelligence may betray and destroy human beings in the future, and human fear of artificial intelligence may constitute war.

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It is reported that the paper was published in AI Magazine last month, and the research paper was co-authored by researchers at DeepMind and Oxford University. Through a potential artificial reward system, the team conducted research on how artificial intelligence endangered the survival of human beings. The results of the research pointed out that the team believes that super artificial intelligence may betray or even wipe out human beings in the future.

The paper even points out that the human fear of being wiped out by artificial intelligence is similar to the fear of extraterrestrial life, and this fear may cause human beings of different cultures to constitute war.

Michael Cohen, one of the authors of the research paper, said on Twitter that the paper assumes that the planet is a zero-sum game, with humans needing to grow food and keep the lights on, while super-advanced machines want to use all available resources to get rewards and prevent humans from penetrating. Block the machine through constant escalation.

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