May 28, 2023
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More than 780,000 Apple security vulnerability research bonuses and special iPhones can be opened to any permissions

To ensure the security of its products, Apple launched a new security research site, Apple Security Research, last week. Information security personnel can receive monetary rewards as long as they discover Apple’s information security vulnerabilities and report the vulnerabilities on this page. This year, Apple has increased the bounty for finding security flaws, hoping to incentivize researchers.

Apple Security Research is Apple’s information security research site for researchers to report security vulnerabilities. In addition, this website also has security guidelines and technical support for Apple’s entire platform, as well as descriptions of Apple’s latest security mechanisms.

In fact, since 2016, Apple has carried out related plans. At the time, Apple invited a handful of security experts to participate in the program. In 2019, Apple officially opened to the outside world. So far, it has issued nearly 150 million Hong Kong dollars in bonuses, of which 20 projects have a bonus of 100,000 US dollars (about 780,000 Hong Kong dollars). Researchers can apply to Apple’s Security Research Device (SRD). SRD is the exclusive iPhone for security researchers. This special iPhone can execute any system tool, freely choose the permissions that you want to open, and even customize the core, but the iPhone can only be used for researching security vulnerabilities. Apple prohibits researchers from using it in daily life. use this machine.


Bounties for finding bugs will increase this year, encouraging researchers to be more active in finding bugs. The new round of SRD program will close on November 30, but researchers from Hong Kong, Taiwan or mainland China will not be eligible to participate.

source:Apple Security Research

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