April 1, 2023

Momo double 11 traffic is expected to increase by 20%, and the system loading and logistics can be improved

The Double 11 Festival, the annual main battlefield of e-commerce, is approaching. Gu Yuanhong, general manager of e-commerce giant Momo, said today (10/25) that last year’s double 11 period revenue was 3.5 times that of normal days, although consumers’ willingness to spend in e-commerce this year is relatively weak , still expected to have several times the usual revenue. He also revealed his expectations and responses to IT and logistics challenges this year. The question that must be passed on Double 11 every year is whether the system is sufficient to carry the traffic during the event schedule. “Momo has been carrying out load testing and system expansion since August and September.” Gu Yuanhong said that this year the system is confident to carry more than 30% higher traffic than usual, but this year’s expected traffic growth is only about 20%. He explained that the website traffic has not decreased this year, but the conversion rate of traffic has decreased due to factors such as inflation and unblocking. Therefore, during the promotion period, the main increase will not be traffic, but the volume of transactions.

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