March 25, 2023

Modern human ancestors coexisted with Neanderthals for thousands of years

According to a report published in Scientific Reportsa simulation studythat modern humans may have joined Neanderthals in France and northern Spain before they disappearedcoexist 1400 to 2900. These findings deepen our understanding of the presence of both species in the region. The researchers analyzed a dataset of 56 Neanderthal and modern human artifacts (28 in each group) from 17 archaeological sites in northern France and northern Spain, as well as 10 additional Neanderthal specimens from the same region. The authors estimate that Neanderthal artifacts first appeared between 45,343 and 44,248 years ago and disappeared between 39,894 and 39,798 years ago. Neanderthals went extinct between 40,870 and 40,457 years ago, based on directly determined Neanderthal remains. Modern humans first appeared between 42,653 and 42,269 years ago. The authors concluded that this suggests that the two species of humans coexisted in these regions for 1400 to 2900 years.

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