April 1, 2023
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Model 3 / Y China’s new car buyers slap Tesla employees

“Early buy, enjoy early, buy late and get old” is a saying that Hong Kong people often talk about, but this idea is not universal. A few days ago, Tesla announced in the Chinese market that it would adjust its selling prices, reducing the retail prices of the domestic Model 3 and Model Y to RMB 265,900 and RMB 288,900, respectively. As a result, it attracted the collective rights protection of car owners, and there were even rumors that the employees were aggressive. information.

According to Chinese media reports, every time Tesla announces a price cut, “as usual” it will trigger collective rights protection of car owners, and this price cut is no exception. When the news of Tesla’s price reduction came out, car owners who had recently collected their cars immediately formed an online rights group, demanding Tesla to compensate for the price reduction. The report quoted the owner of the car who received the car on September 12, saying that the price has been reduced twice in the past month and a half, with a difference of 36,000 yuan. zero.

The report also mentioned that some car owners went directly to the Tesla store, collectively came to the door to defend their rights, and asked the official to explain the price reduction. Some car owners uploaded screenshots of conversations with Tesla sales staff. The sales staff said that some car owners who had just received the car were very angry at the sudden price reduction, and even revealed that they were beaten because of it. For the time being, Tesla China officials have not yet responded to price reductions and rights protection, as well as suspected employees who were beaten.

Data and picture sources:cnbeta

unwire.hk Mewe page: https://mewe.com/p/unwirehk

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