April 1, 2023
RM130,远照240米 割安全带 破窗 SOS 磁吸固定 90小时续航

Mijia Multifunctional Flashlight Released: About RM130

Xiaomi launches Mijia multifunctional flashlightwith 1000 lumens of bright light, far illumination up to 240 meters, the retail price is 199 yuan (about RM130).

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This flashlight supports telescopic infinite zoom, spotlight/floodlight, and multi-stop adjustment. It also has a number of survival functions: flashing, calling for help, warning, breaking windows, cutting seat belts, and emergency in many aspects.

The Mijia multi-function flashlight can turn on the emergency light source of the main light with one key, and respond to emergencies in time.

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Equipped with a mode adjustment ring, you can switch the two modes of the main light and the side light by rotating, and adjust the gear with a single button, which can easily meet the needs of various scenarios. It has a built-in 3100mAh lithium battery, which can provide up to 90 hours of battery life, a two-color power indicator to clearly indicate the remaining power, and a Type-C charging interface for stronger charging compatibility.

In addition, the safety belt cutter of this flashlight also adopts a barb open buckle design to prevent accidental cuts, and the cutter and the safety belt can be easily cut at a 45-degree angle. The pop-up window breaker adopts a push-type structure, which can be pressed vertically perpendicular to the glass. The design of the striker is hidden, which is safe and labor-saving.

It also supports magnetic fixation, which can arbitrarily adsorb iron and nickel metal surfaces such as cars and brackets; rotating slide rail design, 107° wide-angle rotation adjustment, and more accurate lighting.

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