March 23, 2023
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Microsoft to lay off workers after 3 months due to drop in PC demand and sales

With the advancement of science and technology, the styles of electronic products have become more and more diversified, and the old electronic products will naturally be eliminated. Microsoft, which announced layoffs three months ago, has reported layoffs again. It is rumored that Microsoft’s layoffs are due to the decline in the market’s demand for personal computers.

According to foreign media CNBC, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed a few days ago that Microsoft is now conducting a new round of layoffs, which is three months after the previous layoffs. Although the spokesman declined to disclose the number of layoffs, some sources said that the number of layoffs this time will be less than 1,000.

Microsoft’s last layoff was on July 12 this year, when Microsoft said that no more than 1% would be affected.


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