June 4, 2023
Still Image Console Family 3 Front Facing Consoles Controllers

Microsoft raises the price of Xbox Series X/S in Japan, the increase is lower than that of PS5

Still Image Console Family 3 Front Facing Consoles Controllers

Sony announced as early as August last year that due to factors such as exchange rates, it would increase the Japanese price of the PS5 series (the new price began to apply on September 15 last year), and rival Microsoft finally announced yesterday that it would increase the Xbox Series X /S (XSX/S) The price in Japan, but the increase is lower than that of PS5.

Microsoft Japan (Microsoft Japan) announced on January 31 that it will increase the price of XSX/S in Japan from February 17 by 5,000 yen. The yen and the cheap version (XSS) without a CD drive have been raised to 37,978 yen.

Microsoft Japan pointed out that the company will regularly assess the impact of local prices to ensure reasonable consistency between regions, and this increase in the Japanese market price is based on the results of the assessment and adjustment.

The price of the XSX/S competitor PS5 series models in Japan will be raised as early as September 15, 2022, and the increase will be 5,500 yen. Among them, the price of the standard version PS5 equipped with a disc drive will be raised to 60,478 yen in Japan without a disc drive. The price of the digital version of the PS5 has been raised to 49,478 yen.

Microsoft XSX/S’s increase (5,000 yen) this time is lower than PS5’s 5,500 yen.

According to the statistics released by Famitsu, a Japanese game general intelligence media, the sales volume of PS5 series models in Japan will exceed one million units in 2022, reaching 1,154,054 units, which is an increase of about 20% (larger than 968,185 units) in 2021. 19% increase); Microsoft XSX/S sales volume was 269,737 units, a 1.8-fold increase (177% increase) compared to 2021 (97,234 units)

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