June 6, 2023
wei ruan bingyong gpt4

Microsoft confirmed that the new version of Bing uses GPT-4, and many companies such as the Icelandic government and Morgan Stanley are also using it

At the same time that the OpenAI organization released the new version of the GPT-4 model, Yusuf Mehdi, the marketing director of Microsoft’s consumer business group, also confirmed that the new version of Bing released in early February used the GPT-4 model to customize Microsoft’s new version of the search engine. Not only Microsoft, but the OpenAI organization also announced a number of companies or government units that are trialling GPT-4, including Morgan Stanley in the financial industry, Icelandic government, Stripe payment platform, Khan Academy, Duolingo language learning platform, Be My Eyes video Assistive App for the Disabled, etc.

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