March 27, 2023
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Microsoft AI helps you “write programs in English” Officially predicts that 70% of programs will be written in low-code by 2025

Microsoft has advocated for Citizen Developers in recent years, hoping that every user can write their own programs. Its “Power Platform” low-code technology will help users develop their own programs. As long as they input English, they can write Power App applications, which greatly reduces the requirements for users’ code knowledge.

Microsoft has proposed extensive use of artificial intelligence technology, including converting Power Automate low-code to no-code, describing automatic generation workflows in English words. At this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, CEO Satya Nadella pointed out that in 2020 only 25% of programs were written in “low-code” or “no-code”, but by 2025 that will increase to 70%. Power Platform uses artificial intelligence technology to turn low-code platforms into “no-code”. Business users can write Power App in English without learning how to program.

Power Platform is a code-free artificial intelligence tool that helps users understand and structure information, thereby simplifying business workflows, allowing business users to write Power Apps without learning programming. Codeless is the key to user-friendliness, simplifying the entire process and making it easy and smooth for business users. The user only needs to speak the required business process in English, and the system will automatically generate a graphical process, such as moving the file to the specified directory, which needs to be classified according to the date, and then execute the program to retrieve the specified data inside. Microsoft revealed that in 2023, the system will also add natural language query, semantic search and frequently asked questions.

Microsoft Syntex can also integrate with Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Platform, allowing users to use AI Builder models and unstructured file models together to process structured and free-form files.


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