March 25, 2023
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Meta launches AI video generator to generate videos by typing in text or images

Meta announced on Thursday the launch of Make-A-Video, an AI video generator that can generate videos based on input text or image prompts. Similar to AI image generators DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, it can even modify existing videos. Not open for use.

In addition, Meta also showed examples of Make-A-Video, including “a young couple walking in the rain” and “a teddy bear painting a portrait”; it also generated a swimming video from a static turtle picture through AI; And concatenate two photos into a video.

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Image credit: Meta

Instead of using labeled video data (such as subtitles to describe action content), Meta uses image synthesis data (training still images with subtitles) to train the Make-A-Video model, and applies unlabeled video data training, so that Make-A- Video learns the perception of time and space on text or image prompts, and can display and predict subsequent content in a short time.

However, Meta has not announced when Make-A-Video will be open to the public, but admitted that generating lifelike videos through AI will pose a danger to society, saying that a watermark will be added to all videos generated by Make-A-Video for the public to identify that the video is not Real shot.

source:Ars Technica Mewe Page :

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