June 7, 2023
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Meituan is suspected of entering the Hong Kong market with an hourly salary of $70 + commission + newcomer award to compete for talents- Hong Kong unwire.hk

At present, the food delivery platform in Hong Kong is dominated by two companies, Deliveroo and FoodPanda. Uber Eats and HKTV Express once appeared before, and then both withdrew from the market. Recently, there have been rumors that Meituan, the leading food delivery platform in China, plans to enter Hong Kong.


Some users shared a sticker on the Facebook food delivery group, which said that Meituan was recruiting motorcycle delivery couriers. According to the content of the picture, in addition to providing a fixed hourly salary of $70 and paying commissions according to the number of orders, Meituan will also introduce newcomer bonuses to drivers, “Welcome and Wow Reward Promotion: Add newcomer bonuses!” and referral bonuses, but no other details are provided.

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▲Image source:Facebook (Hong Kong) food delivery / delivery staff opinion exchange area

At present, Meituan has not set up an official website in Hong Kong, but according to the search on its official website in China, it is currently recruiting 36 jobs in Hong Kong, mainly for company operations and market development, such as business development manager (Hong Kong), brand marketing (Hong Kong), user “operation” (Hong Kong), product experts, product managers, etc., and also recruit Hong Kong business lawyers (legal). It can be seen that Meituan is also interested in understanding and developing the Hong Kong market.

Earlier, delivery workers gathered at the FoodPanda headquarters in Kowloon Bay to protest the treatment of self-service delivery workers. With the addition of China’s leading Meituan, will the salary and benefits of the delivery staff be improved?

source:Facebook (Hong Kong) food delivery / delivery staff opinion exchange area

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