June 7, 2023
960 ruo pu yang qing wen tu 1 she ying hong zheng wei

[Medical experts’ opinion: Yang Qingwen, consultant of the Life Insurance Association]Hospitals join the claims blockchain, the first priority is to sort out the process, and the structured data transmission will be launched at the end of the year

Just in the last month of 2022, the claim settlement alliance chain 2.0 was launched on a trial basis. People can complete the claim settlement application with just a few fingers, no longer needing to travel between hospitals and insurance companies, and can complete the medical treatment that originally took 1 or 2 weeks in 3 days. Insurance claims work. Why did the hospital, which plays a key role, choose to do so? Advantages: manpower saving, convenience for the people, and paperless because “the hospital can save manpower at the counter, facilitate the people, and implement paperless!” Yang Qingwen, a consultant of the Life Insurance Association, analyzed. He is a major promoter of this project, and he himself has been the IT director of the hospital for more than ten years. He pointed out that the hospital has always had to set up a dedicated counter to process the photocopies of patient certificates and medical records so that the public can submit To the insurance specialist, handle claims.

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