June 9, 2023
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Mass production of USB-C EarPods has begun in conjunction with the iPhone 15 “report change”

Mass production of USB-C EarPods has begun in conjunction with the iPhone 15

It is rumored that Apple plans to change the four iPhone 15 products launched this year to use USB-C ports instead of the previous Lightning port, so some iPhone accessories now have to be “changed”.

ShrimpApplePro, a well-known breaking news account on Twitter, claimed that MFI charging cables with USB-C ports and EarPods wired headphones have begun mass production.

This means that the new EarPods wired headsets will be directly connected to the iPhone 15 series without the need for additional adapters; currently, the EarPods headsets available on Apple’s official website have two connector options: Lightning and 3.5mm. The price of the earphones is 590 yuan.

Since Apple launched AirPods wireless headphones in 2016 and canceled the headphone jack on the iPhone, EarPods wired headphones have not been very popular in the market, but EarPods are still a more affordable choice for users. EarPods provide a plug-and-play listening experience with a built-in remote control and no charging or pairing required.

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 15 series in September, and the USB-C EarPods may be launched around the same time.

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