May 28, 2023
PS5 测试中,配置不变,改可拆卸式光盘驱动器设计

Looking to lose weight?It is reported that in the test of the minor facelift PS5, the configuration remains unchanged and the detachable optical drive design is changed- TechNave 中文版

Tom Henderson recently broke the news that SONY is developing a minor facelift PS5. The new machine is currently in testing and can “run flawlessly”. The new PS5 is expected to be launched around September 2023.

He said the new console will completely replace the A, B, and C cases that have been in production since the PlayStation’s release. This model is currently called the D chassis PlayStation 5, and its hardware is almost identical to the current PS5, except that the driver has changed.

Simply put, this new host will offer a removable optical drive. The removable optical drive will connect to the PlayStation 5 via an additional USB-C port on the back of the console.

It is understood that this new PlayStation 5 console will be sold separately, or bundled with a removable optical drive. Alternatively, users can choose to purchase an optical drive themselves. So, if the optical drive of your optical drive version PS5 is broken, you can buy a new optical drive to use it.

ps5 console 1

The source also hinted that although it adopts a detachable and portable design, this drive will not destroy the original beauty of the console, and can be connected to PS5 without affecting the appearance, which also means that the new PlayStation 5 The appearance is similar to the existing model.

Additionally, a new removable optical drive could mean that the new PlayStation 5 will be thinner and lighter, something Sony has been trying to achieve with its latest PS5 model.

SONY expects to produce 18.5 million new PlayStation 5 units in fiscal year 2023, while the AC case mainframe will begin to be phased out, with only 12 million units produced. SIE says they have sold more than 21.7 million PlayStation 5 consoles as of June 2022. For more technology information, please continue to watch the Chinese version of TechNave!

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