March 25, 2023

Locked in multimedia transcoding and cloud game streaming, Intel’s first data center GPU comes out

Big data and AI applications have become prominent in contemporary IT. For a long time, Intel has mostly used the development of processors with more powerful performance as its main strategy. In the application of accelerated computing, in recent years, it has expanded its combat power by acquiring FPGA, ASIC, and AI new chip manufacturers. , As for the GPU part, in the past, it was built in the processor of personal computers and workstations. If a more powerful GPU is required, it needs to be matched with Nvidia or AMD products. Since the second half of last year, Intel has launched independent GPU products. It’s becoming clearer and spanning both personal and server-side platforms. For example, at the beginning of August 2021, Intel announced the GPU brand Arc, and announced that the first-generation product code-named Alchemist will use the Xe HPG microarchitecture. They also publicly demonstrated the technical composition of Xe HPG, as well as the development blueprint of 4 generations of products such as Alchemist,

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