June 7, 2023
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Line will launch a platform for unified management of multi-brand OA and advertising, and will also launch a non-third-party cookie consumer tracking method

Line announced that it will launch an enterprise management platform in December, which is a management platform that can manage multiple official accounts (Official Account, OA) and advertising at the same time. Group business owners can not only reply to OA messages of all brands or product lines in a unified manner on the platform, but also integrate audience data of all OAs for advertising placement, and will be able to cross-analyze the effectiveness of various advertisements in the future. An important new feature of this platform is the Non-Cookie user tracking function Conversion API, which is expected to be launched in Q1 next year. Since third-party cookies are about to be abolished, the method of collecting data using cookies in front-end browsers may be regulated in the future. Therefore, Line switched to the API method to transfer user data from the back-end server to the Line server, so that it can continue to track the user’s consumption behavior in the post-cookie era.

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