April 1, 2023
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LifeSmart ultra-quiet roller shutter motor operates ultra-quiet + precise control – Hong Kong unwire.hk

In recent years, many people also want to upgrade their homes to smart homes, but many people only notice the plugs, lamps, etc., but the most easily overlooked are the curtains that are closely related to creating an indoor atmosphere. Recently, LifeSmart has launched a new generation of ultra-quiet roller shutter motors, which can not only upgrade the curtains to be intelligent, but also operate very quietly. You may wish to consider it when building your own home.

One-button switch for precise control

LifeSmart recently launched this ultra-quiet roller blind motor, which supports one-button opening and closing of the blinds. Users only need to use the LifeSmart APP on their mobile phones to integrate the installed blinds into the Smart Station for control. In addition, users can control the opening and closing of curtains with one key, set the percentage of opening curtains, etc., and can even control multiple platforms, including: mobile phone exclusive APPS, remote control, voice assistant and Apple HomeKit platform, which is very convenient. In addition, users can also perform smart light switches with other lamps, such as: streamer switch, star switch, Nature Mini Pro, etc., making the lighting control of the home more intelligent and automatic.

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Ultra-quiet motor operation ultra-quiet

Another feature of LifeSmart’s ultra-quiet roller shutter motor is “ultra-quiet” as the name suggests. Its motor operates with a noise of less than 28dB, which is quieter than the general environment, creating a quiet smart home or office for users. In addition, this motor can also be used with different roller blinds on the market, as long as the light diameter of the roller tube is 3.8cm, which not only supports traditional roller blinds, zebra blinds, etc., but also supports soft yarn blinds, Shangri-La blinds, etc. It can carry a maximum weight of 6kg, and the support is very comprehensive.


LifeSmart ultra-quiet roller shutter motor function introduction

  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • One-key switch to easily upgrade various roller blinds (roller tube diameter needs to be 3.8cm)
  • Compatible with HomeKit voice control (Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa)
  • AI linkage and scene mode timing switch

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