May 28, 2023
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LifeSmart C100 smart door lock with multiple unlocking methods + comprehensive home protection functions

Today, smart home has become an element that many new decoration owners also want to add when decorating new bureaus. In smart homes, in addition to lamps, sockets and home appliances, door locks have also emerged in recent years with many smart models that can be integrated into the system. LifeSmart recently launched the C100, a home smart door lock. The price is very affordable, and users with limited budgets may wish to consider it.

5 smart unlocking methods

LifeSmart C100 smart door lock has complete functions. It supports identification of up to 99 different users, and supports 5 unlocking methods: APP remote door opening, fingerprint, touch password, Mifare proximity card and emergency key, and its AI encryption algorithm, The door lock can be unlocked by identifying the user with an accuracy of up to 98.7% in less than 0.3 seconds, which is both accurate and easy to use.


A variety of security alarms to protect the home

As for the protection performance, C100 is also very complete. It has a double verification function. Users can combine two unlocking methods for verification and unlocking. In addition, users can also lock the safety lock to prevent thieves from opening the door through the anti-theft eye, or children or pets accidentally leaving, etc. In addition, C100 also has multiple lock trial locking functions and door-prying alarms, especially the latter, if the door lock is forcibly opened and the anti-prying piece behind the door lock is detached from the door body, the door lock will immediately send out an alarm and the following The APP instantly reminds the user. In case of being threatened when returning home, the user can also pre-set the anti-hijacking password, and the door lock will immediately send a reminder to all/designated family account users through the APP to provide timely support when the door is opened.


Easy to use and AI linkage

Of course, in addition to the protection function, as a part of the smart home, the C100 smart door lock can naturally be connected to the Smart Station, and it can be linked with other elements of the smart home system to set different scene modes, for example: trigger the living room lights when you come home, and automatically Turn on the comfortable yellow light, and the TV can also be turned on at the same time, so that everyone can watch their favorite TV programs immediately when they go home, and the entire process is fully automated.


The door lock is powered by AA batteries

As for the C100 smart door lock itself, it is also very hard and clean. It is made of high-strength aviation aluminum, and the surface uses an integrated glass panel, which is strong and scratch-resistant. The interior adopts a super C-grade anti-theft lock cylinder and 304 stainless steel safety lock body, and the circuit board is sprayed with professional protective paint, which can provide moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-static functions, effectively block the influence of the external environment, and improve the stability of the door lock . In terms of power supply, only 4 AA batteries are needed, and the user can check the battery level through the LifeSmart APP, and can also set a low battery reminder, so that when the battery is not enough, the user will be reminded to replace the battery, so there is no need to worry about the door lock breaking Electricity, and there is no emergency key with me, so I can’t go in and out of the house.

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LifeSmart C100 Function introduction of smart door lock

  • 5 kinds of smart unlocking: APP door opening/fingerprint/password/Mifare card/emergency key
  • Double verification, security lock, multiple trial and error lock
  • A variety of security alarms to fully protect your home
  • AI linkage and scene mode
  • Check battery level in APP Type-C emergency power supply

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