June 7, 2023
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LG Tone Free T90 Bluetooth Headphones Arrived in Hong Kong, Dolby Atmos + Head Tracking + UV Sterilization Charging Case

LG released 3 new bluetooth earphones LG Tone Free T90, T60, Fit in Hong Kong today, and XBOOM 360 X03Q bluetooth speaker. The T90 headset supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Head Tracking technology, bringing better immersive spatial sound effects, while the XBOOM 360 X03Q speaker has a very modern vase design, with a light-colored body, custom lighting effects, and a unique design; more Connect multiple speakers to provide loud, immersive surround sound for party events.

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LG Tone Free T90/T60/Fit New Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

LG launched 3 Bluetooth headsets in one breath, including this LG Tone Free T90, which is the flagship model, with apt-X Adaptive encoding connection, active noise reduction, support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Head Tracking technology.

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LG Tone Free T90 also has the popular ultraviolet light sterilization function of the previous generation. When the charging box is closed and wired charging is used, the ultraviolet light inside the charging box will light up. Its irradiated area covers the entire earplug area and can kill 99.9% of earplug bacteria.

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LG Tone Free T60 has the basic functions of a Bluetooth headset, with 3 microphones and Hybrid ANC noise reduction function, supports Meridian sound effects and Meridian EQ, and the charging box has a UV light sterilization function.

LG TONE Free Fit is designed for sports lovers, with its curved retainer design providing a comfortable fit. The lightweight shape stays in place, allowing air to circulate from warm-ups to intense workouts, keeping your ears fresh throughout the day. Tone Free Fit has an IP67-rated design to prevent damage to the earphones caused by water, sweat and dust.

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LG TONE Free T90 and TONE Free Fit continue to adopt the audio tuning technology provided by the British audio brand Meridian – Headphone Spatial Processing technology (Headphone Spatial Processing), which presents a real sound field and provides a wide-ranging three-dimensional sound effect, allowing users to feel surrounded by Effect surrounded by music in all directions.

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LG XBOOM 360 X03Q Portable Bluetooth Speaker

LG has launched another LG XBOOM 360 X03Q portable Bluetooth speaker in Hong Kong today. This bluetooth speaker has been designed as a home furnishing since it was designed. It uses a vase design and uses smooth fiber as the shell, which can be more integrated into the home.

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The speaker produces 360-degree panoramic sound through LG’s patented technology. The built-in three audio systems, its Silk Dome tweeter, and the sound from the glass fiber driver can clearly define high-resolution low-frequency, mid-frequency, and high-frequency.

LG XBOOM 360 also has a built-in lighting function, which can produce different effects synchronously with music. The Bluetooth function connects up to three LG speakers or TVs, no matter in a party, yoga or meditation environment, simple settings can create surround sound effects for users.

Release date and price

LG TONE Free T90 $1,799 Mid-December 2022

LG TONE Free T60 $1,399 Mid-December 2022

LG TONE Free Fit $1,599 Mid-January 2023

LG XBOOM 360 X03Q $2,499 Late December 2022

Added in the same field: LG PuriCare AeroTower 3-in-1 Cooling and Heating Air Purifying Fan

LG also launched a fully upgraded LG PuriCareTM AeroTower 3 in 1 heating and cooling air purification fan (LG AeroTower 3 in 1) in Hong Kong.

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LG AeroTower 3 in 1’s built-in heating mode keeps users warm in the cold winter, and can increase the indoor temperature by 5 degrees in just 9 minutes after activation. For example, the moment you step out of the bathroom after taking a shower, you can avoid the cold and biting air after you start it.

In terms of air cleaning function, LG AeroTower 3 in 1 adopts a three-layer filtration system – including pre-filter, HEPA filter and deodorizing filter: the first layer of pre-filter can block large particles of dust; the second layer of HEPA The filter can filter 99.97% of suspended particles as small as 0.3 microns, while the bottom deodorizing filter can remove odors, smog pollution and chemicals in the air. The machine is also equipped with LG UVnano technology, which removes 99.9% of airborne bacteria on the fan blades through ultraviolet light. The intelligent sensing system of LG AeroTower 3 in 1 can effectively sense data such as PM1.0 suspended particle index, odor, temperature and humidity in the indoor environment, and then accurately understand the air quality of the space through the intelligent LCD display screen.

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LG AeroTower 3 in 1 Available in three body color options including Birch White, Forest Green and Earth Brown, the LG AeroTower 3 in 1 follows the previous generation’s cylindrical base design that draws in air from all directions. Coupled with the Art Valley design on the top of the product imitating the natural canyon, AeroTower can generate a wind effect similar to the flow between canyon walls. The strong airflow can reduce the noise to 23 dB.

Release date and price

LG PuriCare AeroTower 3-in-1 Heating and Cooling Air Purifier


Pre-sale date: November 26 to December 11, 2022

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