June 7, 2023
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Kodak film price increases by 17% in the global market, the highest price increase in the Japanese market is 40% – Hong Kong unwire.hk

Taking pictures with film is a hobby of many people. The photos produced by film are “unpredictable” and have a unique texture. This is the reason why many people fall in love with film cameras. A few days ago, Japan’s National Photo broke the news that Kodak’s various film prices will increase in the Japanese market, including PORTRA series, TX400 black and white film, and Ektachrome E100. The increase will reach 20% to 40%.

British photography blogger Kosmo Foto revealed that in addition to the Japanese market, Kodak film prices in the global market will also increase by 17% in March. In terms of price, the Kodak Ektachrome E100 with 135 frames and 36 films is sold at 4,260 yen (approximately HK$258) on the Japanese website. After the price increase, the price is 5,630 yen (approximately HK$341), an increase of 26%.

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The other Kodak film PORTRA 400, 135 frames, 36 sheets, 5 rolls, is priced at 14,220 yen (about HK$861), and the new price is 18,800 yen (about HK$1,138), an increase of up to 32%. In fact, due to the rise in raw material prices and transportation costs, and the decline in demand for superimposed photography products, the prices of film products have begun to increase. Another leading film company, Fujifilm, has also increased prices two years ago, and some products have increased prices by more than 60%. Film photography enthusiasts, remember to buy some film before the price increases for future needs.

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source:digital camera world,national photo

Image Source:digital camera world,national photo

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