June 6, 2023
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Kobo Clara 2E real machine out of the box: an entry-level model with ultra-high CP value, satisfying the novice’s imagination of e-books

With the trend of going paperless, e-books have become the new standard for many book lovers, but for those who have never touched e-books, they can only watch from a distance, or only dare to slide twice in the 3C exhibition. leave. Therefore, “Science and Technology News” will lead readers to understand the features of the entry-level Kobo Clara 2E and the charm of e-books from the perspective of someone who has never been in contact with e-books (that is, the author himself).

In fact, the author has worked as a publishing house before, and even after the launch of the e-book, I still insisted that “you can only feel when you touch the paper”, but many stereotypes have changed after opening the box.

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▲ Kobo Pound 2、Clara 2E and Nia spec comparison

First open the box, the most amazing thing is the weight, the 6-inch Kobo Clara 2E is lighter than a mobile phone, and the size is just right to be easily held in one hand. The opening key is on the back of the book, just where the index finger can press it, and it is very ergonomic to hold it as a whole.

Regardless of the size and weight, this reader is smaller than most of the small-format physical books on the market, and it is also thinner and lighter than ordinary comics. There is enough space for reading books while commuting, which is a very convenient choice for book lovers.

When exploring the functions, I felt the excitement of returning to the first contact with Kuaiyitong. It should be because the screen colors are presented in black, white and gray, and the layout is quite simple and easy to understand. However, heavy mobile phone users may not be used to it at first, because the interface configuration and the way of sliding up and down are a bit different. When going down, I am used to sliding my finger from bottom to top, but the e-book is actually faster to slide from the right side to the bottom. .

Then there is the most anticipated electronic paper. It must be admitted that the electronic paper “looks” the same as the paper book. The first time I touched it, I thought, “It can really be adjusted to the same color as Daolin paper!” The font and printing feel are also very similar. In addition to changing the font size, the function of adjusting the font and color temperature is really attractive to me. , I have different feelings on reading, like the picture below, I prefer the layout on the left.

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▲ Adjusted font (left) and publishing preset font (right).

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▲ The thickness of the hand is almost comparable to that of the iPhone 7, and the gray color blocks in the picture are quite layered.

The author specially selected a picture with many colors on the cover for display, and found that the color display is very close to the title page printed on paper books. In addition, the Kobo Clara 2E uses the E Ink Carta™ 1200 screen, which is said to appear darker when displaying blacks.

After trying it for a period of time, the most interesting thing is that the eyes are not prone to soreness like mobile phones and tablets. I usually need to rest after 30 minutes of sliding, but after using it, I found that the e-book is not as irritating to the eyes as I imagined, and it provides a dark mode. , the eyes will not be so tired. Although the loading and interface operation speed of the e-book is not as fast as that of the mobile phone, the page turning speed is indeed fast enough to see the taillights of the car, and the feeling of stuttering is less than that of the mobile phone and tablet, especially when reading comics, there will be no emotional cut off. .


▲ Kobo Clara 2E dark mode.

However, when I shut down, I found that the way of shutting down was a little different from what I imagined, and the word “shutdown” was written, so is there a shutdown?

IMG 8632

Therefore, I especially asked the “big e-book owners”. They said that this is a feature of the E Ink panel. It does not consume power on the display. It only consumes power when the page is changed. Therefore, it is generally not turned off but only in standby. Electricity. This is also the first time the author has seen this type of product. During the operation, the pupil trembled twice. At first, I thought the product was worn out.

When you don’t understand a certain noun halfway through reading, there is a dictionary function for searching in time, so you don’t need to go back and search after reading a chapter.

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▲ When you come across a noun you don’t know, you can look it up immediately.

In addition, Kobo Clara 2E also supports Bluetooth function and can listen to audiobooks, so I specially came to try it out, but it often fails when connecting to Bluetooth and pairing. Finally, I gave up connecting to the mobile phone and changed to pure Bluetooth audio to listen directly. The author thinks that the volume and sound quality are good. When paused, I can confirm which chapter I heard, the number of seconds remaining, etc. If I listened to the original book while doing other things when I was in middle school, maybe my English would improve by leaps and bounds.

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▲ In the e-book section, you can view chapters and listening time.

Is the Kobo Clara 2E worth buying?

At first, the author’s impression of e-books was to read e-books and audiobooks, but I felt that mobile phones and paper books were suitable for use. After operation, I found that if I had to read them like paper books for 2-3 hours (when I was addicted), it would hurt my eyes. In addition, Sometimes when you put it in the bag, you are most afraid of the water being knocked over or dented into the corner of the book, which will make your heart hurt to the point of being unbearable, but if you use a reader, you don’t need to worry about this problem. In addition, some of the more affordable models may not support Bluetooth. If you look at the price and cost-effectiveness of Kobo Clara 2E at 4,500 yuan, the CP value is quite high, which also satisfies my novice’s imagination of e-books.

Although the Kobo Clara 2E is slightly more expensive than the previous generation Clara HD and the cheapest Kobo Nia, it has improved many features, including an increase in capacity from 8GB to 16GB, the interface has been changed to USB-C, and Bluetooth and waterproof functions have been added; overall , the functionality has approached the better Kobo Libra 2, but the price is 1,500 yuan cheaper.

If you like a larger screen, it is recommended to look at a higher specification, because 6 inches may need to adjust the font size and layout when reading some books, but for the author who has a low budget at the beginning and wants to experience some electronic In terms of book features, the Kobo Clara 2E is an option worth considering.

(Source of the first picture: Science and Technology News)

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