June 7, 2023
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Kite, the pioneer of AI program development assistant, announced that it has closed down and open sourced the product code

As early as 2014, Kite began to develop artificial intelligence that can assist developers in writing code, but founder Adam Smith has now announced that Kite will end and open source the product code. The reason is that even though Kite has as many as 500,000 monthly active users, these developers are unwilling to pay for it. Lacking a successful profit model, Kite has to close down in the end. The founding team founded Kite with a great vision, but now they have stopped developing Kite and no longer continue to support Kite software. Adam Smith said that Kite mainly failed in two aspects, immature technology and failure to establish a profit model. In his opinion, Kite developed artificial intelligence-assisted program development technology prematurely when the technology was immature.

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