June 7, 2023
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[Key Person in IT Transformation of Taishin Financial Holdings: Sun Yishi, Chief Information Officer]It is impossible to fly early and late to keep up. How timely is technological innovation? IT must keep up with business needs

“Embracing the new generation of information architecture is a challenge that is easier said than done,” emphasized Sun Yishi, Chief Information Officer of Taishin Financial Holdings. As early as 2019, Taishin launched the transformation project of IT architecture modernization, divided the information architecture into front, middle, background and information architecture governance, and developed the key middle platform based on the K8s containerized platform. However, Taishin IT’s transformation project is not a one-off approach, but a small-scale experimental training, carefully selecting key needs and pain points, and then gradually expanding, using a multi-year long-term project approach to promote transformation.But there is a more critical principle, how to find the right pace of IT transformation in a plan that is neither fast nor slow, Sun Yishi’s secret is “IT must keep up with business needs.” Embracing cloud native is not only a technical concept, but also requires a lot of management matching

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