June 7, 2023
fireshot capture 1638 software technology trends in 2023 report jfrog jfrog.com

JFrog Survey Reveals Increased Adoption of Memory-Safe Languages, C/C++ Continues to Thrive Due to IoT Demand

The DevOps platform JFrog uses data from its own component repository management program Artifactory to analyze its 7,000 customers around the world, covering 85% of the Fortune 100 companies’ suite and programming language usage, and released the software component technology survey report Software Artifact State of the Union. The official mentioned that the Overflow developer survey or Tiobe and other indicators use indirect data such as search and discussion heat for companies to understand development trends and serve as a reference for starting new projects, while the JFrog software component technology survey report uses actual repositories By analyzing the data, you can more directly grasp the popularity and trends of the suite.

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