March 28, 2023
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Jeweler’s Professional Polished Reflective Mirror Apple Watch Ultra Ask $11,800

Earlier we reported that some netizens didn’t like the matte metal body of the Apple Watch Ultra, and decided to treat it with diamond polishing to turn it into a reflective mirror body. In the video introduction, the netizen shared the grinding and polishing process, which is not something that ordinary people can easily do at home. If you also want to have a mirrored Apple Watch Ultra, now you finally have the opportunity.

De Billas Lux, an Arizona-based company that specializes in gold-plated technology products, has announced the launch of a polished version of the Apple Watch Ultra. In addition to the professional polishing process to turn the Apple Watch Ultra into a reflective surface, the orange embellishment of the original Action button will also be removed; De Billas Lux will be equipped with a matching metal strap, highlighting the original appearance of silver polished metal.

De Billas Lux explained the entire conversion process, which first removes the original paint and matte surface with an electrolytic solution, and then uses a special machine to sand and polish. The Apple Watch Ultra is priced at $899 in the U.S. and $1,499 (about HK$11,767) for the De Billas Lux-polished version, which includes the modified watch and strap, as well as the original charging stand and special packaging box, but De Billas Lux did not disclose whether the retrofit process would affect the Ultra’s own protection, a factor that should be considered before purchasing.

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