June 7, 2023
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Japan’s winning goal VAR judged out of bounds Adidas AI Rihla high-tech football technical analysis

The 2022 Qatar World Cup staged the “Death Group E” group match at 3 o’clock in the morning. Japan, Spain, Germany, and Costa Rica in the same group all had a chance to qualify. In this battle between Japan and Spain, Japan successfully scored the second key goal in the 51st minute, miraculously beating Spain 2:1 and reaching the top 16. After the game, many netizens left messages on social media, saying that “VAR” was malfunctioning again. Let me introduce to you what “VAR” is.

The football used in this year’s World Cup in Qatar is named “AI Rihla”. This is a special football designed by Adidas for the World Cup. It is the fastest flying game ball in history. Consisting of 20 triangles and bent shapes, this design can reduce the wind of the football in the air and greatly improve the stability of the football in flight.

In addition, there is a 14-gram ultra-precision chip hidden in “AI Rihla”, which is powered by a small battery and can provide continuous power for 6 hours. It can track the position of the ball in real time. It also uses acceleration sensors, angular velocity sensors The device can measure the angle and direction data of the ball’s inertial motion, parallel motion, and rotational motion in 3D, and assist the ball certificate in judging offside and out-of-bounds problems.

The determination of the boundaries this time is based on the linkage measurement of the antennas located at the forefront of the auditorium. The system divides the field into several areas, and calculates where a football with a diameter of only 22cm exists on the widest 12-inch football boundary. If it does not go out of bounds , can measure how much the ball is within the boundary line, the accuracy is in millimeters, and it can be accurately measured as little as 1 mm.

Some people may ask, a game often needs to change the ball to save the time of picking up the ball, and “AI Rihla” needs to be charged, how can the data switch between the balls be maintained? Aximillian Schmidt, co-founder of KINEXON, said that if the ball is kicked out of the field during the game, the system will automatically switch the data to the new ball that is replaced on the field without manual intervention.

In the battle between Japan and Spain, when the Japanese team Kaoru Misaki made an assist, the ball certificate and the audience thought he had already qualified, but in the end VAR judged that the goal was valid; in the earlier match between Portugal and Uruguay, C Lang He almost scored his 9th goal in the World Cup with a head hammer, but under the inspection of VAR, the sensor showed that C Lang’s head hammer did not touch the ball, so the score fell on fellow team player B Fei.


Image Source:espn

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