March 30, 2023
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Japan’s EPSON will stop selling laser printers in 2026, claiming that inkjet printing is more environmentally friendly

In order to reduce carbon emissions, Epson Japan has decided to stop selling all laser photocopiers before 2026, adjust its product line, and fully adopt inkjet technology. Epson claims that inkjet photocopiers are more sustainable, helping to reduce carbon emissions and the environment.

Epson spokesman Kubota said Epson will focus its printing business on inkjet photocopiers, which consume 85 percent less energy than laser photocopiers. In addition, laser photocopiers need to replace toner, toner cartridges, developer and fuser regularly; inkjet photocopiers only need to replace ink tanks and waste ink boxes. In contrast, inkjet photocopiers need to be replaced 59 % fewer parts than laser copiers.

Epson recently launched the “PaperLab concept model of office paper machine”, claiming that it can convert various materials into fibers without using water, and make waste into new paper, hoping to further promote environmental protection and reduce environmental burdens.

Epson will continue to provide consumables and maintenance parts services for current laser photocopier customers. It is believed that after 2026, relevant customers will still be able to obtain official technical support. Epson’s main business is not laser photocopiers but inkjet photocopiers. I believe this is one of the reasons why they chose this method to reduce carbon emissions.

source:The register

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