June 9, 2023
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J SELECT Launches Christmas Reward Promotion Sparkling Christmas Limited Time Offer Up to 74% Off

In the blink of an eye, it is the end of the year again, and the atmosphere of the Christmas season is getting stronger and stronger. It is also time to buy Christmas gifts for yourself and your friends. J SELECT recently launched Sparkling Christmas Christmas Offera variety of popular products have discounts, and online store discount coupons are also provided. Friends who are still worried about what to buy may wish to take this opportunity to search for premium products.

Christmas Shopping Season No Longer Worry

The Christmas season is naturally full of shopping desires, this time J SELECT’s Sparkling Christmas The activity provides selected gift proposals, friends of different ages and budgets can find suitable popular products, and solves the big problem every year for friends who have difficulty in choosing.

“Pokémon Vermilion/Purple” Special Edition Nintendo OLED Switch Game Console

The new Pokemon series “Pokémon Crimson/Purple” released earlier has been well received. Friends who don’t have a Switch can start with this game console with Pokémon characteristics. The color matching and socket of the handle are also specially designed for the game. Quite collectible.

Price: HK$2,740 (click here)

Dyson Supersonic HD08 Hair Dryer (Periwinkle Blue & Rose Gold Limited Edition)
HD08 vinca
Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer has always been the dream hair dryer of many people, both in design and function. This special edition of periwinkle blue and rose gold adopts an elegant color scheme, which is also a good choice for personal use or as a gift.

Price: HK$3,680 (click here)

In addition to selected gift items, the event also offers a number of popular brand productsWeekly discounts mediness, ghd, Dyson and De’Longhi,The discount covers different types of products, from health care to beauty, and even cooking appliances.

Mediness Smart Shoes Foot Massage Boots
mdm blue
Urbanites actually have to walk a lot every day, and they want to relax after returning home. The foot massage boots from the famous Korean brand Mediness are rechargeable and wirelessly operated. In addition to being placed more freely, they also provide temperature sensing functions and multi-angle shiatsu massage. They are practical choices for gifting and personal use.

Original price HK$1,588 Special price HK$999(click here)

ghd unplugged wireless smart styling clip

One of the featured brands in this promotion is ghd, the top British hair styling brand. Their wireless smart hair clip is rechargeable and flexible to use. In addition, their professional hair protection technology prevents hair from being damaged by high temperature. Without losing the styling effect, friends who have requirements for hairstyles can pay attention to this offer.

Original Price HK$2,795 *Special price HK$2,375(click here)

*GhdThe brand week discount period starts from2022year12moon7to12moon13day

De’Longhi Automatic Instant Coffee Machine – ECAM 23.420.SW
download 2022 08
Friends who like coffee should be familiar with the brand De’Longhi. In this promotion, their fully automatic instant coffee machine discount is as high as half price, and there are different models to choose from, suitable for coffee lovers with different needs.

Original Price HK$10,588 *Special price HK$5,388(click here)

*Delong hiThe brand week discount period starts from2022year12moon15to12moon25day

JDS UVC-LED Disinfection Box
jsa toothbrush santizer pink
During the epidemic, people’s requirements for hygiene have also increased a lot, and the bacteria left after each use of the toothbrush is naturally more concerned. This UVC-LED disinfection box is specially designed for disinfecting toothbrushes. The small body is equipped with UVC-LED chips, which can eliminate germs and viruses and further protect oral health. There is even a discount of up to 66% in this offer.

Original price HK$450 Special price HK$150(click here)

Additional discounts are carried out simultaneously

In addition to gift proposals and selected brand discounts, there are additional discounts to enjoy in this event, providing discounts of up to HK$400, so that everyone can enjoy shopping more. The three online store offers include:
1. Spend $2,500 or more in a single order, get $100 off (use promo code DEC100)
2. When you spend $4,500 or more in a single purchase, you can get $200 off (use the promo code DEC200)
3. When you spend $7,500 or more in a single purchase, you can get $400 off (use the promo code DEC400)
*The above promo codes are valid from 1 December 2022 to 3 January 2023

And if you become a member, you can also enjoy up to 3 times the bonus points during the activity period. Members can enjoy double jrewards points when they spend at J SELECT on December 4th. In addition, on December 11, there is also a promotional activity of 3 times points for spending of $4,000 or more. Interested friends can go to the official website to pay attention to details: (click here)

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