March 27, 2023
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iTunes user U2 lead singer Bono takes responsibility and apologizes for free album

When the iPhone 6 was released in 2014, Apple announced that it would give all customers the album “Songs of Innocence” by the rock band U2 for free, an arrangement that initially surprised music fans around the world and became a talking point, but it didn’t take long. opposite effect. Some users of Apple products who have no interest in the U2 have expressed dissatisfaction with the album being pushed to their iTunes library.

To this end, Apple will finally launch a tool to help users remove Songs of Innocence. Eight years later, U2’s lead vocalist, Bono, revisited his memoir in November, acknowledging that he was behind the entire project and apologizing for causing trouble to Apple users. He talked about the band’s proposal to send the disc during a meeting with Apple executives, including Tim Cook, Eddy Cue and Phil Schiller. Originally, Tim Cook was skeptical about the proposal, emphasizing that Apple has no intention of giving away music for free. Their goal is to let musicians Get income.

Bono explained that Apple paid for “Songs of Innocence” and gave the album as a gift to customers. Bono bought the movie rights with Netflix, gave subscribers access to it as an example, and tried to convince Tim Cook to give the album to everyone, who decides whether to listen. He never imagined that a well-intentioned and publicized idea would end up causing so much trouble for Apple and its users. It is alleged that U2 made $100 million for the partnership, but it completely destroyed the close partnership established back in the Steve Jobs years, and U2 has no longer appeared in Apple’s music products and services as before.

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