March 25, 2023

It’s time to rethink browsers

Darin Fisher has been involved in building various browsers, and early in his career he worked as a software engineer at Netscape, developing Navigator, which helped turn it into the open source Firefox. He then went to Google for 16 years, helping build Chrome and ChromeOS. Last year he left Google for Neeva, and this year he left Neeva to join The Browser Company, developing a hot new browser called Arc. Arc is currently in an invite-only closed beta, and it tries to rethink the entire browser UI, replacing the tab bar with a sidebar that offers plenty of personalization options. Fisher, who has been a consultant for The Browser Company for a while, officially became its software engineer on Monday. He talks about why the wheel is reinvented: Today’s browsers have countless tabs open, and the once-clean interface has become unbearably cluttered, so browsers need better systems to help users manage tabs. Arc packs a ton of new ideas on how browsers work: it combines bookmarks and tabs, easier searching of open tabs, built-in tools for note-taking and shareable mini-sites.

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