March 25, 2023
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It’s finally time to upgrade! The official version of iPadOS 16.1 is released: it supports the pre-stage scheduling function, and models such as iPad Pro/Air can be upgraded! – Urban Tech Story

In addition to the iOS 16.1 update, Apple has also officially released it to iPad usersiPadOS 16.1 official versionThe update further enhances the versatility of the iPad, bringing major updates to the Mail app, iCloud shared library, Passkey and Safari new collaboration features, the Weather app, and more.

It is reported that the models that can be updated this time are iPad Pro (all models), iPad (fifth generation and subsequent models), iPad mini (fifth generation and subsequent models), iPad Air (third generation and subsequent models) Both can be upgraded to the official version of iPadOS 16.1.

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One of the most anticipated points of this update is thatfront desk schedulingwhich supports window resizing, quick access to windows and apps, access to various apps on an external monitor, app grouping, app centering, stacking windows, dragging and dropping between iPad and external monitors, and more.

That is to say, after enabling the pre-stage scheduling, the user opens an app on the iPad, and the application interface no longer covers the entire screen as before, but appears in a similar windowed form, and the Dock bar can still be seen at the bottom of the screen. .

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It is understood that the external display function will not be available until later this year, and only some models support it, including the iPad Air (5th generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th generation and subsequent models) and 11-inch iPad Pro (third generation and subsequent models).

In addition, iPadOS 16 also supports desktop-level apps for the first time. This feature can customize the toolbar of the app, bringing redesigned toolbar buttons, copying or dragging the address book to the mail, and supporting more apps to support undo and redo. The do, find and replace functions are available for all apps and other functions in the system.


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